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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Open a Lemonade Stand

(submitted by What the DILLY-O?!)

10. Your wealthy old relative left a stipulation in his will that his fortune be left to you in the form of lemons because he was a moron. (DK)
9. The FDA shut down your Viagra Stand. (Maniac Bob)
8. You want to get back to "brick and mortar" since failed. (Alfredo Garcia)
7. Your Dad says it's not proper for a five-year-old to be selling beer. (Nudeonasoccerfield)
6. Your MBA thesis (complete with feasability grant & guaranteed SBA loan): The Economic Viability of Residentially Located Citrus Beverage Retail Outlets. (lefty)
5. You figure you'll make a killing after all that practice on your Apple II+. (Lemonville Man)
4. That Cold Glass O' Gravy Stand just wasn't working out. (Moose)
3. The stock options, and of course, the lemonade girls. (freedexter)
2. Need extra cash to support that nasty Pop Rocks addiction. (vipercat)
1. At 50 cents a glass, you can retire when you turn 1134!! (gustavoman)

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