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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You're at a Bad Hotel

(submitted by Slowpoke)

10. The "Sleep Eazy" sign out the front has lost the letter p. (Skipper)
9. They ask if you want your room with mice or cockroaches. (Hoochie)
8. The proprietor gives you a bobby pin with the room number attached. (Nyperold)
7. It's only after careful scrutiny that you find the decimal point in the brochure saying ".5 Star Accomodations". (Little Jon)
6. The roaches ask you if you could just hold down the noise a little. (bluebottle1)
5. The desk clerk asks how many hours you'll be staying. (thx1138)
4. Housekeeping comes in and steals YOUR towels. (silentbob)
3. The hotel clerk shows up in your room at 3am and asks if he can "lay low" in your room for awhile. (sexychick)
2. Three stations: The Weather Channel, The Spanish Channel, and The Static Channel. (Hoochie)
1. They're filming an episode of COPS in the room next door. (Faux Pas)

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