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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Uses for the new Space Station

(submitted by jrb)

10. Home of the long awaited and much anticipated "Zero Gravity Hooters" franchise! (G-Nicest)
9. The extra-long US module converts to a bowling alley for off-duty recreation. (Ackhack)
8. Extra airport to relieve overcrowding at LaGuardia and O'Hare. (rae charles)
7. Prime advertising space for Celestron Inc. -- "If you can almost read this, you need a CELESTRON". (Major Tom)
6. The ULTIMATE satellite dish!!! (El Booya)
5. It will provide a 1.3 second warning if a massive asteroid is going to impact the earth. (Ackhack)
4. Like any country with few natural resources: Print stamps, offer an internet domain and become a tax heaven. (Maurice Bleu)
3. Location for MTV's Real World 11. (DK)
2. The 800-mile high club. (The Griffon Master)
1. Last place for lunar tourists to buy cheesy moon T-shirts for the kids. (richard aslin)

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