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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Shouldn't Be Working At An Accounting Firm

(submitted by eager for the end of tax season)

10. "Of course you can claim hookers as a business expense!" (Snuk!)
9. It really annoys you when people want to figure out the 10% instead of paying the $200 when they land on that Monopoly square. (snagswolf)
8. You failed calculus. You failed geometry. You failed algebra. Hell, you failed subtraction. (Firefly)
7. 8 + 8 is 36... 7 divided by six equals 13... Ooo! Starburst fruitchews! (ArtistFormerlyKnownAsPrincess)
6. Your boss asks you to stop using the word 'gazillion' in front of the clients. (snagswolf)
5. You advise rock star clients to file a 1099 ZZ Top. (dink in St. Joe)
4. That 'Accounting for Dummies' book was just too wordy. (snagswolf)
3. Your delight at successfully balancing the books is only matched by your surprise when you actually do it. (huhwhat)
2. Your high school class voted you "most likely to embezzle a bunch of money." (bluebottle1)
1. You're dismayed to find that your desk isn't big enough to hold ten million pinto beans. (huhwhat)

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