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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Seek Therapy

(submitted by Vacationaholic)

10. Your ex-girlfriend has gotten married and has two children, but you're still convinced she's going through a phase and will come back to you. (Shawn David)
9. The dog next door won't shut up about how you should start strangling people. (Deimodius)
8. Unexplainable blackouts are starting to interfere with Mob duties. (Russ Rogers)
7. You took a vote of all the voices in your head, and therapy won. (BrainDead)
6. Running naked through the streets screaming is the sanest thing you've done the past month. (Thomas Palsson)
5. That two week random killing spree you went on didn't seem to leave you as fulfilled as you had hoped. (Thomas Palsson)
4. You spend $900.00 weekly on tinfoil. (Dan)
3. You're losing sleep because the girl in the well in your basement won't shut up. (The Human Tripod)
2. You need guideance on conflict resolution- those voices in your head can't agree on anything. (lefty)
1. Can't sleep... Clowns will eat me... (VISGOTH)

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