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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Lukewarm Movie Reviews

(submitted by klg)

10. "It's like oatmeal without the sugar." (GC3)
9. "This director aspires to mediocrity, and with his latest film, has achieved that goal." (al)
8. Sony Pictures employees say "Two thumbs up!" (VISGOTH)
7. "The summmer's 'Probably ought to see it if nothing else is playing' film!" (kyl)
6. "This is the feelokay movie of the year!!!" (dtrane)
5. "No twisty plot to confuse people with." (Gustavoman)
4. "It's rip-roaring mediocrity for the whole family!" (Firefly)
3. "Almost never extremely boring!" (Thomas Palsson)
2. "If you're planning to see a lot of movies this year, this could be one of them." (Tripwire)
1. "If you liked 'Dude, Where's My Car?' you will love this film." (VISGOTH)

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