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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Neighbor Is A Porn Star

(submitted by jonestown punch-drinker)

10. Her yard sale consisted of an old vacuum cleaner and 12 crates of slightly used "marital aids". (G-Nicest)
9. She has legally changed her first name to Trixxxie. (Ilsoap)
8. She dropped out of school in the 10th grade and can't read and sleeps until noon, but makes more money than you. (Adam)
7. She thought that "Neighbourhood Watch" meetings were about her. (Deimodius)
6. Nair everywhere, and that infernal Remmington buzzing at all hours of the night. (Carlos)
5. You notice that in the past week you have been asked 367 times to use your hot tub for a scene in an independent film. (SuperCoolLoser)
4. On the clothes-line behind her house: nothing but thongs and crotchless panties! (G-Nicest)
3. The dinner table has ass prints all over it. (Yeldarb)
2. That time she went into slow motion when she spilled water on her blouse. (Chmil-eon)
1. She's constantly over at your house borrowing a cup of condoms. (Yeldarb)

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