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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs That You Are Not Going to Get Into Harvard

(submitted by Greek-Mystique)

10. Your best references are from a probation officer and a loan shark. (pazzie)
9. You've been declared the Antivaledictorian of your high school class. (silver girl)
8. You were once asked to leave the studio by Jerry Springer's security for "lowering the collective intellect" of the guests. (anglesius)
7. During the interview you ask what classes give you the best chance to see "naked chicks". (Moose)
6. Your application was returned with "Are you serious?" stamped on it... (tonyvanman)
5. Your acknowledgement of application received came back with a $50 coupon for your next truck driving lesson. (jrb)
4. There's a big picture of Ed McMahon on the application form saying "You might already be a student!" (Nat's a BABE!)
3. Spell Check changed the title of your application essay to "Why I want to go to Aardvark University". (msjulianne)
2. Your entrance essay reads "John F Kennedy went to Harvard, and I like the Dead Kennedys. Hello!?! Isn't the connection obvious? (Dave R)
1. That unfortunate incident involving Susie Derkins in the 3rd grade is still on your permanent record.

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