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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Amendments That Almost Made It Into The Bill Of Rights

(submitted by VISGOTH)

10. Freedom to wear plaid with stripes. (Johnny)
9. The right to pay more taxes than you really have to. (Andre Engels)
8. You have the right to bare arms, bare feet, and bare chests but for God's sake keep your pants on! (The Sponz)
7. The right to a speedy checkout was voted down because several proponents were stuck in line at the 7-11. (Maniac Bob)
6. The right to a fresh, baked, deep-dish pizza in 15 minutes, or your lunch is free. (Deimodius)
5. Congress shall make no law restricting one's right to "party", "boogie", or otherwise "get down." (ms julianne)
4. The right to look when women bend over. (No dear I wasn't)
3. Congress shall NOT have the right to be stupid, and, barring that order, should be shot on sight. (lok0)
2. The freedom to call the King of England an "arse", a "bloody git" or a "right bastard". (TastesLikeColonials)
1. For the right to party, you shall not have to fight. (rorschak)

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