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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Least Scary Halloween Costumes

(submitted by erin paramount)

10. Inanimate Block of Wood (Deimodius)
9. Wendell, the unmarried 30-something SWM accountant that likes long walks in the park, Star Trek, and is seeking a caring SWF for a (possible) long term relationship (Fluff)
8. Opus the Penguin (Roachy)
7. "The Eeeeeevil Cloud" [a.k.a. a kid covered in cotton balls] (Ilsoap, bobby)
6. Flump-a-luff the pink and fluffy vampire ((ahshoot))
5. A ghost cut from old Pooh Bear sheets (silver girl)
4. "Look lady, I'm a piwat! I'm a piwat! See my sword? See my pawwot? I'm a piwat!" (The Buccaneer)
3. Wal-mart greeter (Laffman)
2. The Ari Fleischer White House Spokesman of Doom Suit (tah, Inspector 42)
1. Mall Security Guard (gocubs)

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