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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Cheese Is Taking Over Your Life

(submitted by crazy kool)

10. You wear Kraft singles like a nicotine patch. (Firefly)
9. You go through a new cheese slicer and two graters every week. (BullFrog & Libby)
8. You divorced your wife for an actual COW. (Dramatik)
7. You bake a birthday cake and decorate it with Easy Cheese instead of frosting. (Spiff)
6. You wear a cheesehead hat and you've never heard of the Packers. (snagswolf, El Barton)
5. You're beginning to view the "Got Milk?" ads as personal threats. (Hazelnut)
4. You spend half your weekly salary on exlax and the other half on extra sharp cheddar. (
3. You fall into a deep depression when you realize that Cheez Whiz won't flow through an IV tube very well. (Krig the Viking)
2. The only reason you got to this site was because it came up #589,715 on your web-search for cheese. (dalalei15, Kathrynofvoyager)
1. You only have one unbroken finger left after cleaning out your neighbor's mouse traps yesterday. (Ashley)

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