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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You're On a Reality Show

(submitted by Randi Radio)

10. Every day feels like Thanskgiving with your family. (Little Jon)
9. Cameramen follow you wherever you go and poke you with pointed sticks. (AthensBoy)
8. Just when you were getting comfortable, some guy comes up and says you need to put some pants on and help roll this boulder up that hill. (Little Jon)
7. You are freezing cold, squatting on a rain-soaked beach, trying to scrape the last grain of rice out of your bowl with a seashell, while the 300lb camera man in the wool sweater tries desperatly to back-light you. (Thor)
6. You are in a beautiful tropical paradise with a dozen other sexy men and women wearing skimpy clothing. (bobgirl1313)
5. All ethnic groups, creeds, nationalities, sexes, and sexual orientations are equally distributed among your sixteen best friends. (Okay?)
4. After leaving the toilet seat up for the second time, you get voted out of the house. (Tatut2000)
3. Really pissed that someone ate that last piece of snake. (DDDave)
2. You are hopelessly lost in the middle of a barren desert, where the only signs of life are a 30-member film crew and a few network executives. (Fluff)
1. You find yourself surrounded by beautiful women without having to pay a cover charge. (Pertinax)

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