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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things You Can Only Buy On E-Bay

(submitted by sexychick)

10. A string of brightly colored plastic beads for $1,700 (Fluff)
9. Wow! The actual CHAIR that broke Geraldo's nose! (Fuzzball the Great and Powerful)
8. Last year's Older Means Hotter Calender. (Dramatik and Solitaria)
7. The government of Paraguay (Alfredo Garcia)
6. Genuine Michael Jackson nose (mint condition, onle used once)
5. L@@K! Homemade Mouldy Lemons! Exclusive Recipe! (LaZorra)
4. The bag of Ruffles that made a cameo during the first episode of Friends (Never been opened!!) (BluelinePrincess)
3. Four year's worth of back-hair shavings (no reserve! Free shipping to continental US, email me with any questions BEFORE bidding). (anglesius)
2. Homer Simpson's fingernail clippings (picture unavailable). (What the DILLY-O?!)
1. NEWNEWcheep$$$vintage1960spencilskirt/COMBINATION LAVA LAMPand potato peeler WAS ACTUALLY *WORN BY JANIS JOPLIN*'ssecondcousinbrieflyUNIQUEVINTAGE (pazzie)

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