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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Perks of Working for the WWF

(submitted by juparc chacar )

10. If you get fired, you can show up the next day wearing a mask. (juparc chacar (
9. There's always someone who can open the ketchup bottle. (Maniac Bob, vipercat)
8. With all those big sweaty guys around, no one notices if you don't shower for a couple days. (bluebottle1)
7. You can use the term 'bulking up' as an excuse to eat like a pig. (El Barton)
6. You can take out all your anger from your family and use on some total stranger in the ring with you. (Voltransicartsiolopticon)
5. All the rhinestone-encrusted, size-38 bikini briefs a guy could ever want. (HotMamaJ)
4. As a starting place for a political career, it's way cheaper than law school. (The Kevinator)
3. The locker room debates about the validity of Locke's views on empiricism. (A Young Flossofer)
2. All of the fun of being in a soap opera, while still being able to hit someone. (Mumbly Joe)
1. Dress down Friday gets real interesting. (kk)

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