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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs That You Are Watching Too Much Jerry Springer

(submitted by cheato queen)

10. Your husband comes home 2 minutes late and you ask "Have you been sleeping with my son's girlfriend's flatmate's cousin who is a stripper from hawaii?" (bobthebuilder)
9. You know every single guest's first and last name by heart and can even name them in episode appearance order. (Frost)
8. You have this strange urge to start smoking, move into a mobile home, and start sleeping with your sister-in-law. (JDAii)
7. You confess your infidelity by documenting it on tape and bringing out your boyfriend to laugh along with you. (DK)
6. Start picking fights with your spouse, just so you can offer your "Final Thoughts" on the matter afterwards. (Thomas Palsson)
5. You're starting to see some of the same actors being recycled into new characters. (Thor)
4. You think the transvestite's illegitimate daughter who dresses like a boy might have a good point about dating her uncle. (rorschak)
3. You thought "Joe Dirt" was a documentry. (Fitz)
2. You program TiVo to record anything with the words "trailer park" in it. (Alfredo Garcia)
1. You begin to realize you're family might not be so bad after all. (BluelinePrincess)

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