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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Canada Doesn't Want the World to Find Out About

(submitted by sexychick)

10. The mind-control properties of maple syrup (A Canuck, eh?)
9. Mountie training consists almost entirely of watching old "Dudley Dooright" cartoons. (bluebottle66)
8. The real name is Pcanada, but the P is silent and also invisible. (Mamday)
7. The U.S. would've been the one north of the Great Lakes, but there was this crap game, see.... (Major Tom)
6. The common gopher, also known as the prarie dog, is actually the result of Canadian genetic experimentation in the field of super-intelligent warrior rodents. (Krig the Viking)
5. The swapping of their Canuck hockey players for Yankee basketball players has continued at an "at par exchange rate"despite the plunging value of the Canadian dollar . (G-Nicest)
4. If it were to thaw, it would be about as big as Delaware (Alfredo Garcia)
3. The entire population is actually taking part in a reality TV show for Japanese TV. (squeezette)
2. Fargoing plans of secretly moving the US border south by 6 inches a year, thus completely taking over the USA by the year 840,002,001 (Thomas Palsson, G-Nicest)
1. They offered Christian & Scott a substantial amount of money to change this weeks topic to "Top Ten Things Canada Doesn't Want the World to Find Out Aboot." (Thomas Palsson)

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