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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Date is a Vampire

(submitted by k.a)

10. It's either that or she really doesn't want to be seen in the daylight with you. (Clingerpratt)
9. He keeps complimenting you on your "well toned throat." (Krig the Viking, Light Warrior)
8. Her father warns you not to keep her out all day and that her curfew is 8 AM. (Nyperold, mr. bill)
7. He accuses you of cheating when you show up with a Band-Aid on your neck. (V's Herbie)
6. When you go to pick her up for a date at the cinema, she tells her roomate she is "just popping out for a snack." (Lucy_MoonBard)
5. She loves touring the ICU at the hospital and insists on calling it "window shopping." (Major Tom)
4. She's a woman... but there are nooo mirrors anywhere in her apartment. (Deimodius)
3. You thought you'd give anything for a date who stopped staring at your chest for five seconds, but the way this guy seems fixated by your jugular is even more unsettling. (bemused_meerkat, <3M>)
2. Nasty Blood Breath (lekolight)
1. He lost his job as a BloodMobile driver due to "inventory irregulatities." (DDDave)

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