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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs That The Christmas Present You Gave Was A Dud

(submitted by mongojehri)

10. The restraining order from your now former girlfriend (Deimodius)
9. Even E-BAY wouldn't take it. (Nat's a HOTTIE!)
8. You suddenly remember that it was regifted to you -- in 1974. (boscoe the cat)
7. The first thing you hear after it is unwrapped is "They still make these?" (mistergeek)
6. It's still under the Christmas tree... on the curb. (7-Iron and Bob)
5. You get a thank-you card that says, "I'm sure my dog will love it!" (Sprink)
4. The best news was that batteries weren't included. (Alfredo Garcia)
3. "Oh good! I needed a new shoe box.
2. The bruise you've got from when she threw it at your head is a pretty strong reminder. (bemused_meerkat)
1. While the gift of a Persian kitten was a great idea...two words for next year: Air. Holes. (NubNuNat!)

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