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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten things Evolution Has in Store for Us

(submitted by Supadupa)

10. Webbed feet. Who knew? (Swamp Thingy)
9. Lets just say that Superman is really just a regular guy from the future. (Chica)
8. No more white, black, brown, yellow, or red - we'll all be medium beige! (Ackhack)
7. For women: Self-shaving legs! (Sitase-chan)
6. Botox Glands (DA maNA)
5. The ability to sense when its just a telemarketer ringing the phone. (Lockhart)
4. Mothers will actually have eyes in the back of their heads. (Jenmini)
3. More toes for everyone! (rorschak)
2. Wings, yes its true. But unfortunately they look like fairy wings. (El Taco)
1. For a short time during puberty only . . . X - ray vision!! Woohoo!!! (BullFrog)

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