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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Al Gore Decided to Not Run for President Again

(submitted by Ackhack)

10. Thinks "that Bartlett guy" is the best damn President he's ever seen (Bob Clemmons)
9. The free Grand Slam at Dennys for current or former US presidents promotion ended, so now no point. (anglesius)
8. He started a "chad" counting company and he will be too busy during the election. (hoss)
7. "Messing with Texas" looks bad on a resume. (Drewpy)
6. Still in protracted legal battle over ownership of the Internet (Little Jon)
5. He's afraid that Bush would declare him to be on the Axis of Evil. (inspector 42)
4. Who could win against a man who makes up his own vocabulary? (Howard)
3. He auditioning for a role on SNL as a presidential candidate who never seems to win. (Did I make it on the list?)
2. Would interfere with plans to saw Florida off. (rorschak)
1. Accidentally put campaign money in a "lock box" and can't get it out. (rorschak)

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