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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Christmas Party Faux Pas

(submitted by ASB)

10. Inviting the Jewish Defense League and the P.L.O. (TheRob)
9. Comparing the pistachio/marshmallow salad to guacamole puke (starWill)
8. A mistletoe belt buckle (GC3)
7. Re-arranging the host's creche so one of the wisemen is humping the lamb (not Me)
6. Hitting on the boss' poodle (Discovery Channel)
5. Playing Anna Nichole Smith's Christmas carol CD (asleep)
4. Not waiting for the office ladies to get stupidly drunk before trying to make out with them (Squeakgator)
3. Picking your toenails with your keys during dinner -- even if they're CLEAN keys (blurp)
2. Serving the best reindeer stew you've ever made (asleep)
1. Not cleaning glass on office copier after illicit use (rorschak, Laffman)

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