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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Athletes Do with Their Olympic Medals

(submitted by Topher)

10. Everybody is catching curling fever. (El Barton, Firefly)
9. Look on the back to see if they've won a free Coke (Deimodius)
8. Enjoy showing them around for three years, before the IOC asks to have them back for the next Olympics (Squeakgator)
7. Hand it over to the Russian Mafia (Nickster)
6. Place them on the mantle next to the fishing tournament trophy and "World's Greatest Dad" mug (SuperCoolLoser)
5. Hang them from the rearview mirror, with the fuzzy dice, to impress the chicks as they drive (Former "bert", Shiny, shiny!, brewsky99999)
4. They keep their medals in those AOL CD mailers, so nobody ever touches them (Maniac Bob)
3. Twirl them by the ribbons with their finger really fast until it flies off, and see who it hits. (Squeakgator)
2. Collect all three and win 55 cents off your next order of fries (Gecko)
1. If you leave them under your pillow the Olympic medal fairy brings you a coporate sponsership deal. (Jabba the Fatt)

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