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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Excuses for Not Getting any Exercise

(submitted by El_Jefe)

10. Stairmaster design still devoid of ashtray and martini shaker (Alfredo Garcia)
9. Exercise makes you sweat, so if you started exercising you'd have to start showering as well. (Adam)
8. Exercise might ruin the beer belly I worked so hard for in college (I told you so!)
7. Big muscles don't go with my "couch potato" image (UWSP Wiz)
6. by the time there is nothing good to watch on TV its so late that there is nothing to do but sleep. (hckymanr)
5. my dog ate my exercise machine (ArmandsChickenShack)
4. "I'm like a livin' water-bed, baby!" (Squeakgator)
3. Well, look at Richard Simmons. I mean, sure, he's healthy, but what a freak! (Squeakgator)
2. if god wanted you to touch your toes he would have put them on your knees. (rein)
1. Gave up exercise for Lent.... (Oops I did it again., Miko-chan)

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