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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Running Isn't for You

10. Excess Ringing in the Ears and Flashing Lights, especially if they're on an ambulance taking you to the hospital (lekolight)
9. Constantly being followed by cars with "Wide Load" signs and flashing lights can be distracting. (Mistergeek)
8. After completing the NYC Marathon, you submit your cab receipt to your corporate sponsor. (Alfredo Garcia)
7. You consider waiting for the bus an extreme sport. (Scuba Steve)
6. The camera men from the T.V. show COPS can outrun you. (gusto)
5. You've been at it for 2 weeks and have no idea how to get home. (AckThwap)
4. Your thighs keep rubbing together and setting your underwear on fire. (Dutchess Lorraine)
3. Your town doesn't have an ice cream truck you can chase after. (starrynight3)
2. Because the bartender is RIGHT THERE! (XXXGator (debauched in the desert))
1. Running? Is that a new computer game?

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