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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Turn Signal Has Been On For The Last Hour

10. You finally realize all those people behind you who are honking are not a wedding party. (Asleep at the mouse)
9. Hitch hikers put their thumbs down and pick up their stuff only so they can yell at you when you go by. (Scuba Steve)
8. "No No! Its supposed to be on. If the bomb stops ticking it might go off." (Scuba Steve)
7. After turning into your driveway, a large number of vehicles pull in behind you and give applaud. (Ouch that hurts.)
6. You finally realise the crossing guard you are waiting on has fallen asleep. (squeezette)
5. That pesky "techno beat" seems to be in every song on the radio. (Got Tofu?)
4. The oil light keeps coming on and going off, coming on and going off, coming on and going off, coming on ... (Little Jon)
3. The cop behind you has had his turn signal on, and he seems to be getting impatient. (Major Tom)
2. On such a beautiful day, you wonder why everyone else looks so exasperated and upset? (Little Jon)
1. You're the idiot I followed home from work last night. (Lisa)

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