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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons the Middle Ages Were a Pretty Cool Time

(submitted by me)

10. Time is to the Middle Ages as an Oreo is to its creamy center. (starrynight3, Benjiboy_10, Dramatik)
9. Those public executions really brought the community together. (Dave R.)
8. You didn't shower, you didn't brush your teeth, you killed people, and you spend all day riding a horse. But the ladies still loved you. (Squeakgat)
7. No sushi bars or tofu-burgers (S)
6. To gloat about how many parties you've been too, you could decorate your house with the decapitated heads of the jerks that were there. (you CAN'T have mine)
5. Heck, the bubonic plague sucked, but it sure wasn't anyhthing compared the agony that is the new Britney Spears movie. (Ali Kat *mew*)
4. You didn't have to worry about what your friends would say when they noticed your VCR still blinks 12:00. (Spunky37)
3. Joan of Arc was more down to Earth before she was so popular. Now she's all Sainted and everything. (Gator - the dark knight.)
2. The Crusades: Like the WWF & XFL, only with real blood (SoonerHQ)
1. CNN coverage of local wars a lot lighter than today. (Little Jon)

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