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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons David Letterman Decided To Stay with CBS

(submitted by squeezette)

10. They finally gave him full dental coverage. (GC3, errnnn)
9. CBS: Jokes about "Survivor." ABC: Jokes about...what's on ABC again? (TheRob)
8. He would have missed the "Comfy Butt Spot" on his Late Night Chair. (Strat)
7. The contract condition said Ted Koppel would replace Paul as band leader at ABC. (DTTT)
6. Afraid of annual dinners for ABC talk show hosts, Regis, Kelly Ripa, and those chicks from The View. (Boom Oy!)
5. Wanted to avoid antitrust lawsuits; ABC already owns a Goofy. (The Kevinator)
4. Dave's mother told him to stay because she doesn't get good reception of ABC. (Ackhack)
3. Paul Schaeffer didn't want to leave and you know how hard it is to find ugly, bald annoying musical sidekicks these days. (sageandscholar)
2. The promised him a slot on "Survivor V: The Playboy Mansion." (TBeeber)
1. At ABC, he was going to have to use Koppel's old hairpiece. (Bob Clemmons)

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