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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Excuses for Calling in Sick on Mondays

(submitted by mongojehri)

10. I have to say away from all clients, because my cat ate my beeper and every time it goes off, she attacks the television. (Jeramy)
9. That sexy little temp only comes in Tuesday through Friday. (squeezette)
8. Oh man am I stoned! (sageandscholar)
7. Look, it's your call, either it's sick leave, or stress leave due to sexual harassment, I'll let you decide. (sageandscholar)
6. My weekend ran a little longer than I thought. (Gator's Gone)
5. Well, you thought you were going to be okay after you got over that plauge, but now that your stigmata is acting up, you probably shouldn't go into work (Lady Of The Lake)
4. I think I got the Hanta virus... but if you really need me to come in... (Sick Gator)
3. Don't you always get the Monday after Flag Day off? (Adam)
2. I feel disgruntled today. It's probably best that I don't show up for work. (A^3)
1. My dog ate my car keys, and he hasn't pooped yet. I may miss Tuesday as well. (JDAii)

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