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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Dick Cheney's Top Ten Pet Peeves

10. That 'Undisclosed Location' is a broom closet. (Geoduck)
9. Those damned garage door remotes that keep making him do the macarana (WillieBEZ)
8. That annoying game show "Where in the World is Vice President Dick Cheney?" (EColi)
7. Continually mistaken for Ed McMahon (Little Jon)
6. His defibrillator screws up the TV reception so badly that he can't watch Oprah anymore. (inthedark)
5. Nobody ever asks him to spell potato. (Gin-zu)
4. When Bush refers to him as "My Homey." (rocketman)
3. Secret Service code name: Old Fart (lefty)
2. The uncomfortable feeling he gets during the five minutes when everyone is staring at him after he has tasted the Prez's food. (Lekolight)
1. I'm sorry, this is undisclosed information. (Cookie)

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