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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Low-Budget Spring Break Destinations

(submitted by The Kevinator)

10. The beautiful white sand beaches of Azerbaijan. (The Southwestern Jackalope Burger)
9. Historic Leavenworth, Kansas (Tristan Forever)
8. Three hours every night at the beer cooler at the local 7-11 (regacro)
7. Fancy Bubba's Alabamian resort (Rachelle)
6. Divorce Court...lots of action, and the potential to meet women (cnbjn)
5. International Falls, MN. - "our beer is ice cold, and so is everything else" (DDDave)
4. Silver City Trailer Park Resort and Landfill (Mistergeek)
3. Club Med Yukon (Arch)
2. Come to Maine -it's almost spelled like Miami (Gin-zu)
1. Aloha Bob's Fabuloso Discount Hawaii-like Hotel and Bait Shop (Boneless Boy)

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