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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways They Could Make The Weather Channel Better

(submitted by Tacky Turkey)

10. Interactive weather suggestions where you, the viewer, get to decide the day's weather! (bob, Maniac Bob)
9. Replace all weathermen with mimes. (LaZorra)
8. Represent warm fronts with a caricature of Martha Stewart and cold fronts with Hulk Hogan. Watch them collide! Will she be able to fend him off with her glue gun? (LaZorra)
7. Have viewers call in and describe the weather in their home town. (Mistergeek)
6. Add new forecast feature, "Imminent Giant Asteroid Impacts," at 17 min past each hour. (Ackhack)
5. Replace easy listening music on local forecast with Weird Al songs. (Happyglow)
4. Who Wants to be a Meteorologist? The new, exciting quiz show from the Weather Channel (Gator Philbin)
3. Hire Pat Robertson as a guest presenter to forecast floods, earthquakes, and the end of the world. (Squeezette)
2. Let CNN take it over: "America's war on weather" (canadian chick)
1. Stop showing the weather all the time (BadboY)

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