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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs That Your Pet is Possessed

(submitted by BKred)

10. The fur standing on end, the pea-soup vomit, the demonic yowling sounds...or is that the way cats normally act? (Firefly)
9. Hamsters aren't supposed to "spark" are they? (DDDave)
8. You discover a pentagram of doggie biscuits behind the garage, and some demon poop in the middle. (BullFrog)
7. You try to spank your puppy and the rolled-up newspaper bursts into flames. (Skating Zebra)
6. When you go to the door to let your cat in, instead of dragging a mouse it has your neighbor's children by the neck. (What, ME?!?!?!)
5. You catch the dog teasing the cat -- by levitating it over a bathtub full of boiling black goo. (Major Tom)
4. Cloven hooves ... on a cat????? (Ackhack)
3. He changed the name on his cute little cat collar from Fluffy, to "Legion, for we are many". (Sageandscholar)
2. Strange...I didn't know fish could live in boiling water. (k.a)
1. Cat fighting dog: Normal. Cat killing dog: Not so normal. Cat building sacrificial altar and killing dog on altar: Really freaky (Tristan Forever)

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