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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Have No Fashion Sense

(submitted by MT Nester)

10. The wingtips & sock suspenders while pushing the lawn mower should be a dead give-away. (Gusto)
9. The Salvation Army sues to make you keep your castoffs. (Major Tom)
8. You only shopt at stores that end in "Mart" for clothes. (numbersgirl)
7. It must be the Michael Jackson Silver glove on one hand and the Madonna Lace fingerless glove on the other. (JDAii)
6. That outfit your dad told you to wear the other day got more positive feedback from your friends than anything you have ever worn before. (whitneyandunoitclapurhands)
5. Your nudist colony membership is revoked for "inappropriate attire." (Alfredo Garcia)
4. Your hair style mimics a "flock of seagulls," not Jennifer Aniston. (Lynda Brendish)
3. You have only one criterion for selecting frames for your glasses: will they break if you catch a basketball with your face? (Ackhayour)
2. You frequently think "This would look normal if we were in a comic book." (help007)
1. Small children follow you in the street to find out where the circus is. (beetlebones)

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