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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Bush Jr. Is Better Than Clinton

(submitted by Carlos Crash Ramirez)

10. Bush: Loves to square dance. Clinton: Just a square. (Topher)
9. Bush actually smokes the cigars. (Speedy Gonzales)
8. The neighbors haven't complained about the loud parties on the weekends. (numbersgirl)
7. No more McDonald's wrappers, now it's just pork rinds. (I like pork rinds.)
6. He holds the White House Record for all three levels of Minesweeper. (Squeezette)
5. Pretzel jokes are more appropiate for children. (AzuriteDragon)
4. So far he hasn't been impeached! (whitneyandunoitclapurhands)
3. "Rooms For Rent" sign removed from front of White House. (dancingdusty)
2. White House "Texas Ho-Downs" beat the White House "Arkansas Possum Hunt" hands down. (Dave R.)
1. Knows what 'is' means, but frequently mispronounces it. (rorschak)

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