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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Found During Spring Cleaning

(submitted by El_Jefe)

10. Your stockpiled "microwave popcorn" from Y2K (Amanda Captain of all things round)
9. A hobo who's built an elaborate system of tunnels under all the junk lying around your house (Krig the Viking)
8. Damn! I knew I left that Lint collection somewhere. (Lizzi)
7. The leprechuan who hides the remote. (They ARE after me lucky charms!)
6. A box of 5.25" floppies, complete with the little gadget that cut a notch in them so you could use both sides ((true story))
5. All the missing socks you thought the dryer had eaten: It turns out, the dryer fancies itself the Harriet Tubman of the sock world. (Moose)
4. Arthur Anderson tax returns (Tatut2000)
3. That copy of "Hotel California" that you were sure your girlfriend took with her when she left (squeezette)
2. Power Rangers Pog collection worth $500...about 7 years ago (What the DILLY-O?!)
1. Your hatred of spring cleaning (Orion)

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