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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Parents Were Hippies in the 1960's

(submitted by James)

10. You were baptized with bong water. (Alfredo Garcia)
9. You find out you have 37 half sibings. (The Commune of the Barking Gator)
8. They don't trust anyone over 62. (Ackhack)
7. When reminiscing about your birth, mom rates epidural as "weak, man". (rorschak)
6. Thier idea of a drug talk is to tell you "If you're going to do pot, smoke it! Brownies are a waste of good pot!" (Lizzi)
5. They only time they showed up at grade school was when my 4th grade class was tie-dying t-shirts. (It's true. It's true.)
4. No line is long enough to fill in your whole name: Sunshine Rainbow Butterfly Stardust Mary Jane Joplin Smith. (MT Nester)
3. Your parents had your baby earth shoes bronzed. (Alfredo Garcia)
2. The moment of your conception is featured in the movie of Woodstock. (squeezette)
1. All the house plants are in pots that look suspiciously like bongs. (Moose)

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