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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things You Learned In Dictatorship for Beginners 101

(submitted by Frost)

10. Make sure you position your country far enough away it takes 3 weeks to row to the nearest country. (dbcooper)
9. If you capture your enemy, kill them right away. Don't tell them a plan, don't keep keep them in a dungeon, don't devise a weird way to kill them slowly, just kill them. (srp)
8. The proper way to give speeches from a balcony without getting shot. (ardnax)
7. A common mistake made by rookie dictators is asking if anyone "has any suggestions for the good of the order." (BullFrog)
6. You need some interesting facial hair to succeed. (meh, Krig the Viking, , BullFrog)
5. Pink uniforms are not an option. (joepa, al)
4. You really should make a few trips to Costco before the trade embargos kick in. (wolseyb)
3. All election ballots will have only one chad. (IOIO)
2. How to duck without looking cowardly. (snags)
1. Make sure the password to disable your thermonuclear warheads is something totally obscure, not the name of your daughter spelled backwards. (dbcooper)

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