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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Got A Lame Genie

(submitted by Mamday)

10. He can give you the money you're asking for, but he can't do anything about the IRS taking most of it. (snags)
9. Instead of "blinking" to activate her power she "gives the bird." (Sven (I'm not from there, what makes you think that?!?) Sweden)
8. He can't grant your wish, but he gives you a slip of paper with the words "IOU one free wish" scibbled on it. (Doodo)
7. He will fulfill any three wishes of yours as long as they don't cost more than $3.50 and can be ordered on the web. (Thomas Palsson)
6. He moans when you rub the lamp. (joepa)
5. He says George Bush used up all the wishes in the last election. (hoss)
4. Good genies get Robin Williams as a voice actor. Yours got Fran Drescher. (Qarl)
3. He requires all wishes to be in pig latin and fit iambic pentameter. (DracoDei)
2. You: "I wish for all the money in the world!" Him: "Well, that wouldn't be very economically sound, would it?" (Squeakgator)
1. Every time you rub his bottle, banner ads for matchmaking websites pop up before he appears. (squeezette)

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