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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Spider-Man Does On His Days Off

(submitted by James)

10. Attends arachnaphobia support groups (Maniac Bob, Slim Jim)
9. Peeping Peter - it's easier to see into 32nd story windows when you can climb walls (muckin' with a G)
8. Sits at home watching "Charlotte's Web" for the 800th time (Slipkid)
7. Catches flies. Do you know how many flies such an active and large spider needs!?! (Rock-Doc)
6. Tries to find a deodorant that will keep him cool and unsweaty in that total-body suit (Tristan Forever)
5. By day: a nerdy high school student with spider like abilities. By night: a nerdy high school student with spider like abilities watching tv (Chuckman 2)
4. Can't let that extra web go to waste -- Peter Parker has the best-flossed teeth in the country. (Qarl)
3. Make outfits for Cher, Madonna, and Brittney Spears (k.a)
2. Sells homemade hammocks on ebay. (tjackson)
1. Refills web cartridges and writes new witty banter for battles with supervillains (JrsyRose)

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