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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Are Watching Attack of the Clones

10. "Wait a minute... Spider-man doesn't have a speeder bike!" (Qarl)
9. You're in a theatre with 500 people and none of 'em are on a date. (Yeldarb)
8. Everyone looks the same. Either that, or you're watching Survivor: Africa (Bob Clemmons)
7. You feel more compassion for the hardware than the characters. (Bob (aw, poor threepio) Clemmons)
6. *waves hand* "This is not the summer blockbuster you're looking for." (JrsyRose)
5. Aliens, Freaks, Bad Actors, Weird Costumes ... and that's just the audience. (lefty)
4. It sure looks like Dawson's Creek, but with lightsabers. (g)
3. While watching it you decide that a good topic for next week's list is Top Ten Things To Do If Stuck in a Bad Movie. (anglesius)
2. "Why are there two leading ladies? ...Really?...Well he sure whines like a little girl." (g)
1. Your five-year-old keeps asking you why Grover is green and talks backwards. (Little Jon)

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