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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Neighbor is Building an Atomic Bomb

(submitted by dat gurl)

10. He keeps petitioning to have the Yucca Mountain waste trucks routed through your neighborhood. (inthedark)
9. Your kid came home from their house crying because they wouldn't let him push "the big red button." (LaZorra)
8. He steadfastly refuses to let UN inspectors go through his garage, despite increasingly heavy sanctions from the mail, newspaper, and pizza delivery syndicates. (anglesius)
7. He keeps showing up at the local nuclear power plant asking for free samples. (No dear I didn't.)
6. While the rest of the neighborhood is snowed in, he's out in the backyard in shorts mowing his 4 foot tall lawn. (Little Jon)
5. The "Plutonium to Go" truck has blocked your driveway again.. (Mistergeek)
4. He gets a divorce: his wife was seduced by 7 different secret agents just last month. (Qarl)
3. He has all of Tom Clancy's books on a shelf marked "reference." (V's Herbie)
2. While trimming the hedges you notice his "I Love Mushroom Clouds" t-shirt. (Alfredo Garcia)
1. He keeps asking if he can borrow a cup of Heavy Water. (Oops I did it again., Squeakgator)

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