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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Have Way Too Much Free Time on Your Hands

(submitted by Slowpoke)

10. You find yourself combining a bowl of sugar and a cup of salt and then separating them again using only a tweezers and a microscope. (BullFrog)
9. Well...may as well masturbate AGAIN. (Squeakgator)
8. When you find out that the world record for longest paper clip chain is only a paltry few miles, you snicker in derision. (Krig the Viking)
7. You prefer to churn your own butter. (AckThwap)
6. You use a lit candle to make toast. (BullFrog)
5. The paper clip sweater you made also has matching pants and hat. (Tatut2000)
4. "999,999,999,998 Bottles of Beer on the Wall..." (Janitor Bob)
3. You start thinking "Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time." (SPLAT)
2. You're pursuing a post-doctorate degree at clown college. (Alfredo Garcia)
1. Translated Hamlet into another language. An invented language. One *you* invented. (JrsyRose)

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