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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things To Do While Staying Up for World Cup Games

(submitted by Zephyr)

10. Make jokes about stupid Americans who don't like slow, low scoring sports. (g)
9. Dress up in soccer uniforms and wander around the neighborhood kicking a soccer ball around, drinking beer, and singing "God save the Queen"! (No dear I didn't.)
8. Play drinking games with shots of espresso. (k.a)
7. Riot! (TBone)
6. See how long you can say the word "Goooooooal" before passing out. (dhla82)
5. Call everyone you know asking them if they saw that last play. (WebFlyer)
4. See who can stomp the most beer cans without having one stick to your soccer cleats! (No dear I didn't.)
3. Netting with your friends over whether the next match will end in a nil all draw, or a one all draw. (Sage and scholar)
2. Yoga deep breathing exercises so you can shout "Goooooooooooal" longer. (Legnem Cram)
1. Debate which country has the best hooligans. (Dave R.)

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