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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Alternative Survivior Locations

(submitted by And then there were squirrels)

10. Any McDonald's playground. Hopefully one with the indoor crawl tubes. (killerclownfromouterspace)
9. Biosphere: Survivor's turn. (SDF II)
8. Jupiter would be good -- Competition: "How long can you hold your breath?" (Voltransicartsiolopticon)
7. Statue of Liberty Survivor: The first one to the top gets control of the bowling balls. (Major Tom)
6. A decomissioned Minuteman Missile silo in Minot, North Dakota (Igor)
5. Survivor 5: The Internet. Pop-up ads, broken links, gratuitous mispellings of 'teh'... Your body may survive. But your mind will never be the same. (Janitor Bob)
4. "Survivor Kindergarten" -- Contestants are placed on a barren desert island with 20 hyperactive six-year-olds. People vote themselves off the island. (Skating Zebra)
3. Tatooine: That planet is going to be short of whining for a while. (Shaz)
2. The Department of Motor Vehicles, Anytown, USA (lwright)
1. CBS offices (Squeakgator)

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