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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Action Figures We'll Never See

(submitted by David Scully)

10. Kitten Cuddlin' Genghis Kahn (VISGOTH)
9. Joe Wilson, Corporate Middle-Manager (VISGOTH)
8. Al Gore....Super President (Now with Diplomatic Immunity) (tripwire)
7. Dick Cheney Action Figure with Real Exploding Heart Action! (Nigel)
6. Martha Stewart with Kung Fu Scissors (RRJack)
5. Henry Kissinger - the Mattel (c) Secretaries of State collection... Albright model released in August!!! (pazzie)
4. Pope John Paul IV (Popemobile sold separately) (Robert Clemmons)
3. Super-Senator Strom Thurmond (with the Fillibuster Ray) (Tristan)
2. The X rated Men (Dan)
1. Tickle-Me-Osama (Nigel)

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