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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Conventions to Avoid

10. Reality Game Show Evictees Reunion (Sageandscholar)
9. Undies*Con (Maybe I Did)
8. Scab Collectors Association (EVEN STUPPIDDER)
7. Civil War Field Medical Surgery Recreators Convention (TheRob)
6. LintCon 2002 - Belly Buttons on Parade (Innie)
5. GrassCON: Latest developments in wild grasses behind the old factory (Major Tom)
4. AAJIMWHASDMA: American Association of Jewish (and/or) Italian Mothers who have a Son or Daughter of Marrigable Age (lekolight)
3. The Natural Skunk For a Pet Convention (MT Nester)
2. Fans of the Manson Family Awards and Banquet (JrsyRose)
1. The annual meeting of the Flatulant Earth Society (Alfredo Garcia)

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