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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Found on the Erased Watergate Tapes

(submitted by furstar)

10. The entire House of Reps playing tag in front of the capitol building. (Howard)
9. Nixon negotiating with Gillette for a "five o'clock shadow" themed ad campaign (NeoSanta)
8. Nixon's late-night, drunken version of "I'm a Little Tea Pot." (snags)
7. The Reasons for making a Scooby Doo Movie (Momma loves Yo Daddy)
6. "Is it erasing?" "Sure it's erasing!" "I don't think it is... punch that button again!" "Okay, but I know it's ERA----" (dttt)
5. Enron Accounts (Zenith)
4. Britney Spears: Oops, I did it again (never leave tapes where your teenage daughter can reach them) (Sasquatch)
3. The many practice sessions where Nixon revised his "I am not a crook" spiel. (karebear)
2. Rosemary Woods saying "Do you really think they're going to believe that?" (snags)
1. Spiro Agnew's rendition of "That's Life." (

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