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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Alarming Things to Find in the Back of Your Closest

(submitted by david scully)

10. The Pokemon World (Scary . . . )
9. Amelia Earhart playing poker with Bigfoot and Jimmy Hoffa (DansNOTawannabe)
8. those neon pink, yellow and green t-shirts from the 80's (nomes*)
7. That winning Lottery ticket from 1986 (...)
6. A colony of leprechauns quietly chanting your name and waving little torches. (Krig the Viking)
5. A face protruding from the wall that keeps asking if you can "Smell what the Rock is cooking" (Ken)
4. The huge, twenty pound spider that has been feeding off of missing garmets for the last twenty years (Amara Darklore)
3. The producers of "Survivor" scouting locations for next season. (squeezette and Ilsoap)
2. Detailed plans of kitchen, with route to doggie treats highlighted and a cache of sharpened Milk Bones (rorschak)
1. An evil snow queen offering you turkish delights and bad-mouthing some lion (Narnia). (Thomas Palsson (many entries))

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