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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Heckle the Guy in the Cubicle Next to Yours

(submitted by whosawhatsit?)

10. Repeatedly compare the pros and cons of various types of staples. (Jordo)
9. Call him every ten minutes asking him if he will join you on the darkside. (el taco suprimo)
8. "Oops, was that your computer power cord again?" (snags)
7. Constantly put in work orders for a new life under his name. (joepa)
6. Throw a wet jolly rancher over the top every time you sneeze. (Dink)
5. While on the phone, loudly and repeatedly say, "I can't! He's sitting right next to me!" (malaka)
4. Drop a golfball on his desk and then, while wearing classic golf clothing, politely ask if you can "Play through." (
3. Put clear tape on the mouthpiece of his phone, so people on the other end can't hear him. (Tatut2000)
2. Move his cubicle wall 1/4 inch a day. When he complains his cubicle is too small suggest he go on a diet. (garyschick [also Evil Minion and])
1. Set that annoying "Dancing Hampsters" screensaver on your desktop. Everytime you leave, turn your speakers up full volume (Jeramy [also aviva llyra])

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