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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things To Tell Someone Who's Body Has Been Dyed Completely Blue

(submitted by Ilsoap)

10. You missed a spot. (ZzZzZzZz)
9. So that's what happens when you hold your breath too long. (Orion)
8. Relax, it's just disappearing ink. Oops... wrong bottle. (LordAerith)
7. Where does your head leave off and the skyline begin? (Alfredo Garcia)
6. Let me guess, Pre-School substituting again, right? (SPLAT)
5. "They can take our lives.....but they can't take....OUR FREEDOM!!" (Firefly)
4. Sorry...I don't have any off colour remarks. (Dan's a PUNNY guy!)
3. What is that? SPF 2 Million? ( (the darkside))
2. Clever honey, but I'm keeping the thermostat at 65 degrees and that's final. (Moose)
1. "Smurfette called. She said thanks for the flowers. And something about making her breakfast tommorrow." (effusant)

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